Nursery HR – What is it?

What is Nursery HR?

I often get asked what nursery HR is, and what HR support I offer nurseries and preschools.

People will often call and say that they think they need some help, but are not really sure what they want. I’ll always give a free consultation call to find out what it is you really need. With Early Years HR, you have the peace of mind of working on a pay as you go basis.

So, my answer is often along the lines of…well, it really depends! No two weeks (or even days!) are the same when I’m supporting with nursery HR. Here’s just a few of the ways I’ve supported nurseries and preschools just this week!

  1. Setting up a new HR system for a group;
  2. Advising on an annual pay review for 230 staff, including operational tasks like getting mail merges sorted;
  3. Carrying out a safeguarding investigation on behalf of a setting who don’t have their own nursery HR team;
  4. Provided advice on safer recruitment checks and what to do with missing references;
  5. Helped with maternity leave confirmation and questions from the Nursery Manager and employee about SMP and what to do with annual leave while on maternity leave;
  6. Provided a term time only contract and advice on annual leave;
  7. Support given to a setting who have received a grievance from a member of staff
  8. Guided a manager through an unauthorised absence case
  9. Advised on what to do when someone goes off sick and is due to attend a disciplinary hearing
  10. Carried out salary bench marking.

As you can see, a varied, but not unusual week in the world of nursery HR! The variety is one of the reasons I enjoy being an HR Consultant.

So, if you’re not sure what HR is, or whether you need some support, give me a call on 07725450409. I’ll be happy to talk through things with you. As you can see from above, it’s not about standard packages, but rather working with each individual setting to meet their needs.

What is Nursery HR?
Nursery HR

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