Ceeda Early Years Workforce Roundtable

Early Years Workforce:

I was delighted to attend a half-day strategic conference, sharing the latest insights on workforce challenges on 31st January 2019.

Along with key industry figures and decision makers, I took part in creative discussions around the Workforce Challenges faced in early years. It was a fantastic and inspiring day where we had the opportunity to share our experiences and ideas.

Working alongside some of the most respected people in the early years sector, was an absolute privilege. To give my clients the best service I can at Early Years HR, I relish any opportunity for CPD and learning. G

Facilitate by Liz Roberts, Editor of Nursery World, we engaged in a stimulating roundtable discussion. Looking at how we can prepare those in the workforce for the skills needed.

Which of course makes us ask the question “what do we want and expect from our early years workforce?”

Here’s some things to think about in your setting:

  • Do you know what you want your staff to know and do? Not just in terms of the compliance stuff and turning up from work on time. What do you really expect them to deliver and teach?
  • Are you clear about your pedagogical standpoint and belief?
  • Does you team know this?
  • Do you talk enough about the TEACHING of early years teams?
  • Do your teams understand how children learn, but also how they learn?
  • Do you interview questions focus too much on the compliance side of the sector? Are you recruiting for passion?
  • Are your teams curious? Are they encouraging curiosity?

For more details on the day, and to view the latest research from Ceeda, click here.

Early Years Workforce

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