Check Early Years Qualification

Check Early Years Qualification

On 9th August, the check early years qualification documents from the Department of Education were updated.

The DFE confirmed that on 9th August they published updates to the documents ‘Early years qualifications: pre-September 2014’ and ‘Level 2 early years practitioner qualifications: from 1 September 2019’.

This update is largely due to the changes taking place on 1st September:

From 1 September 2019, all level 2 qualifications must meet theĀ level 2 early years practitioner criteria. Awarding organisations are currently developing these qualifications which will be available from 1 September 2019.

DFe, Direct

These lists do get updated regularly and it’s our recommendation that when you need to carry out a check on an early years qualification, you do son on the DFE website. Avoid getting caught out by having a copy of the excel sheet saved on your PC or Laptop.

Remember also that you need to check for Level 2 literacy and numeracy qualifications and paediatric first aid before confirming you can count a staff member as a Level 3.

Checking early years qualifications is just one part of a safer recruitment procedure. If you’d like any help with personnel file checks, including a free checklist get in touch!

The early years qualification checker information is available here.

Find out more about how Early Years HR helped a nursery achieve a good at Ofsted through a thorough review of personnel files and safer recruitment.

Check Early Years Qualification

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