Changes to Employment Contracts April 2020

Have you heard about the changes to Employment Contracts April 2020 ?

I’ve put a short video together to explain the current position and what’s new from 6th April 2020.

If you’d like any further information please contact me. You can also download a template written statement of employment particulars from the Early Years HR shop.

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Changes to Employment Contracts April 2020

If you can’t watch the video at the moment, here’s a summary of what’s changing:

Changes to Employment Contracts April 2020

Statement of employment particulars (you probably refer to this as an employment contract as it contains more than just the legislative requirements) must be issued on day one of employment. Before 6th April 2020, you have up to two months to provide it.

There are additional requirements to be provided in a single document

  • The days of the week the worker is required to work and whether working hours or days may be variable, with details of how they may vary.
  • Any entitlement to paid leave, including maternity leave and paternity leave.
  • Any other remuneration or benefits provided by the employer
  • Any probationary period, including any conditions and its duration.
  • Any training provided by the employer which the worker is required to complete and any other required training in respect of which the employer will not bear the cost.

The training requirement does not mean you have to list all training courses and induction training! If you have discussed a training course with an employee during the recruitment process and agreed that they can undertake a course, you would include that in the written statement. Or, if you agree to employee someone on the condition that they achieve a qualification that would go in as well. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss a case in more detail.

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